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      1. snow comb
        Susanne Eulesacrylic on rdboard, 2021, 6" x 4,5" x 1"

        Susanne Eules is a German Amerin transdisciplinary artist in the fields of language, music, performance, and visual arts. Their work explores the intersection of culture, identity, nature, and memory across languages. They are the author of nivolog, published by Ethel in Philadelphia, USA as chapbook in April 2022 and by Contraband Books, Groningen, Netherlands in 2022. Two German books of poetry, der k?nig.innen hasen h?ten (herding the queens' hares) and ?bern r?ckn des atlantiks/den rand des nachmittags (across the ridge of the atlantic/the edge of the afternoon) were published in Austria (2016) and Germany (2012). Their chapbook lièvre - a book of hares me out with dancing girl press, Chigo in 2018. Susanne has published in literary and exhibition venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, nada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. For their poetry and prose, they have received various grants, literary awards and residencies in Germany, Austria, nada, and in the US. Recently publitions appeared in?Pamenar Press?and mellom press.? Their work appears in 2022 (AngelHousePress).? ??www.susanneeules.net